light snow on a roof in the winter

With winter right around the corner, you’re probably already taking steps to prepare your home for the cold temperatures and heavy snows. Have you made time to take a look at your roof? You don’t want to wait until the first storm hits to realize you have a problem. It’s better to prepare your roof for winter ahead of time so you can relax inside the warmth of your home while the winter passes.

Clean Your Gutters

After windstorms and leaves falling, your gutters are going to be full of debris. Perhaps you’ve already noticed a problem when it rained and your gutters didn’t drain properly. Your gutters should be clean so when the ice on the roof begins to melt, it will have somewhere to go. You may also want to install a gutter protector to avoid future clogs and prevent more debris from collecting inside it.

Prevent Pest Infestations

When those cold temperatures hit, there are going to be a lot of pests looking for a warm place to hunker down for the winter. You don’t want your roof to become the access point at which they enter your home. Check the roof for damage such as holes and cracks that might allow the wildlife to get in. If your roof received damage from a storm, or just from regular wear and tear, keep the pests out by hiring professionals to preform necessary repairs.

Seal the Gaps

Typically, around your flashing, you’re going to find cracks and gaps. If these areas are not sealed properly, your home will be susceptible to leaks. If more serious damage is found while sealing the flashing, you’ll probably want to replace the flashing all together.

Getting your home ready for winter can be a long process, but it’s worth protecting such a huge investment. Contact Badger Contracting today by calling 410-417-6972 or sending us an email to schedule service for your roof.