Replacing the siding on your house isn’t something many homeowners think about, but understanding common signs of deterioration can prevent more expensive problems. There are many indicators of damage, but five common ones are listed below.

1. Warped Siding

Perhaps one of the most noticeable signs is warping. To determine if more damage has been done, gently look beneath the surface. If the lower layer is soft to the touch, it’s most likely rotten and should be replaced.

2. Bubbling

Another visible sign is bubbling. This means that there is water beneath the siding, which means it is no longer protecting your house. This is can lead to mold, mildew and rotten wood, so it’s best to hire a contractor so it is taken care of and installed correctly.

3. Cracked Siding

Sometimes, one or two boards will crack, but if large sections are like this it’s time to call in the professionals. Cracked siding can lead to water seeping beneath, which causes severe issues to your home if left untreated.

4. Dry Rot

Dry rot is generally not noticeable because it happens beneath the surface of the boards. However, if you gently tap along it, it may crack. This is because dry rot has eaten away all layers but the top one, leaving your home vulnerable. A professional contractor knows how to properly remove the defective boards and replace them.

5. Holes

Lastly, holes can be an indication of serious problems. These are normally caused by small insects, but may also be a sign of termites. If left untreated, water can seep into these holes and cause further damage to your home.

It’s Time for New Siding

If any of the signs above represent your situation, it’s time to hire a professional. Contact Badger Contracting today by calling 410-417-6972 or sending an email to to hire the right contractor to replace your siding.