Your siding and roof are the key exterior features that protect your home from the elements. Knowing what signs indicate a need for siding replacement can be crucial. Don’t wait until it becomes compromised and allows moisture or other issues to damage the interior of your home. Contact a professional contractor if you experience any of the following signs.

Extensive Holes and Chipping

Small holes in siding can be patched or repaired, but significant damage to the structure of your siding means it’s time for a replacement. This can happen to most siding materials, including vinyl, aluminum, and wood. Replacing the siding altogether is typically more cost-effective than patching several holes.

Frequent Cracking and Peeling Paint

How often are you painting your siding? Other than wood siding, which should be painted every 10 years, paint jobs should not be needed frequently. If your paint begins to peel and crack after a few years, it may be a sign that there is an issue with your siding and it needs to be replaced. Talk to your contractor about the type of paint used, this will help determine whether the paint or the siding is the source of the issue.

Rot, Mold, or Mildew

While dry rot may only eat away at wood siding, problems like mold and mildew can affect any and all types of siding. These issues could also be pointing to moisture issues behind your siding. Some surface mildew can be cleaned, but rot, mold, or extensive mildew issues require your siding to be removed and replaced.

Enjoy Quality Siding Services for Your Home

Don’t let compromised siding allow moisture and insects to eat away at your sheathing, framing, and other interior materials. Contact Badger Contracting today to learn how you can restore your home and enjoy long-term savings. Invest in siding replacement to enjoy years of minimal to no maintenance and a home exterior that keeps you protected. Call 410-417-6972 or email us today for more information.  

You face dozens of design decisions when building or remodeling your home. Whether you’re upgrading your siding, installing new siding, or simply touching up your paint job, color matters. Learn how to select the perfect siding color today and add instant curb appeal to your home.

Consider Your Climate

Do you live in a particularly cloudy region with lots of snowfall, or is it sunny and warm all year? Climate matters when it comes to color options. A specific color may look very different during a bright sunny summer than it will in a cold, snowy winter. Consider how your home will look throughout the seasons and various weather patterns that are typical to your area.

Size Matters

Deep, bold colors are popular for modern designs. However, if you have a particularly large house, it can feel quite brooding. Consider choosing a lighter, more neutral color for your siding and touch up a few trim details with darker colors.

Complement Your Roof

Finally, consider your roof color before committing to a new siding paint job. This is particularly true if you’re selecting a shade that’s very different than your current siding color. Brown shingles may match your wood-toned siding, but will look unattractive if you switch it up with a dark-toned siding color.

Find a matching or accent color to complement your roof. If you’re also replacing your roof, you can consider a brand-new color palette for both, but be sure you keep them both in mind as you shop for paint colors. Your roof and siding are significant investments that can last for decades, so be sure you find the perfect, timeless match.

Contact the Professionals

If you’re still struggling to find the perfect siding color for your personality and your neighborhood, contact Badger Contracting. Work with professional designers to get the most out of your paint job and create a memorable home with excellent curb appeal. Call 410-417-6972 or email us today to learn more!