healthy roof
healthy roof

You can expect colder temperatures and more inclement weather as winter rolls in. Your roof protects you through the winter months, but you may be in trouble if you don’t protect your roof. At Badger Contracting, we understand the importance of roof maintenance and prep.

Repair Your Flashing

One of the first winter maintenance steps is to check your roof’s flashing. Even if you had the correct installation years before, it could become warped over time. If you see any warping or damage, you need to have it fixed as quickly as possible to prevent moisture from entering your roof.

Remove Snow and Debris Promptly

Do not let snow build up on your roof. While the snow may look beautiful, it can also cause issues when left for too long. The weight on your roof may lead to significant damage. When you see snow or ice on the roof, try to remove it as quickly as possible while paying attention to safety. Sometimes it is safer to have the debris removed by a professional.

Additionally, ice can also accumulate in your gutters. You should check your gutters for ice dams regularly. Gutters can struggle to hold the weight of ice and can tear away from your roof, leading to more extensive repairs and costs.

Follow Up After Heavy Winds

When a storm rolls through your area, you will want an inspection performed as soon as the storm passes. After the wind dies, you may see broken, damaged, or missing shingles. When you have vulnerable areas on your roof, you are more likely to have leaks and moisture issues. This can encourage the growth of mold, bacteria, and mildew which can lead to health risks.

If you want to ensure your roof is in the best possible shape for winter, schedule a roof inspection with a trusted professional, like Badger Contracting. We can ensure the work is completed correctly, so you don’t have to worry about the condition of your roof. Contact us today by calling 410-417-6972 or email us for more information!