It’s a homeowner’s headache, but you can deal efficiently and thoughtfully with a leaking roof if you put the following action items into play.

Locate the Source

Pinpoint the place the water is entering your property so that you can protect and secure the area around the source. Whether you need to move people or furniture, get the job done as quickly as possible. After that, place plastic sheeting over anything that you cannot move or relocate.

Collect and Dispose of the Water

Place a tub or bucket under the leak and collect the water in the vessel, emptying it as needed. If you’re not able to keep up with the amount of incoming water, consider contacting a roofing contractor for professional help. Better to bring in the experts than risk further damage to your property.

Dry the Affected Area

Whether you set up fans or open windows to create moving air, do take steps to help carpeting, furniture, and furnishings to dry out. Mold can easily take hold in moist conditions.

Contact Your Insurance Rep

Your insurance rep can let you know whether you have coverage for roof leaks and water damage. If your home has sustained major damage, you’ll want to know where you stand as soon as possible.

Hire a Licensed, Reputable Roofing Contractor

No matter the source of the leak or the scale of the damage, a licensed roofing contractor can work with you to put a repair and maintenance schedule in place for your property’s roof. Do some research to find out if a contractor has a license and insurance. It’s also a great idea to visit contractors’ websites or a Better Business Bureau website to see what clients say about the quality of a contractor’s team, service calls, and installation and maintenance work.

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