During your roof replacement, there will be a lot going on. What can you do to prepare for the process and ensure everyone stays safe? The following are just a handful of ideas to get you started.

1. Clean Up the Yard Surrounding Your Home

If your kids’ bikes are stored at the side of the house and you have a grill outback, you’ll want to make sure those things are moved out of the way. You could store them inside a garage or shed until the project is finished, or you could just move them way out by the property line where they won’t be in the way. The roofers might be dropping things to the ground, whether on purpose or accident, and you’ll want your items to remain in good condition.

2. Have a Conversation With Your Kids

If you have little kids at home, be sure you have a conversation with them about what is going to happen. Not only could little ones get scared, but with your home becoming a construction zone, it will be dangerous for them to be outside. Explain why they have to stay far away from the job. If they are curious and want to check out what’s going on, go with them to ensure safety. You should also make preparations to have your pets remain indoors.

3. Prune the Trees That Hang Over the Roof

If there are any trees around your home that hang over the roof, you’ll want to have them pruned ahead of time. The roofers will need that space to work, and tree branches could get in the way and hinder progress. It might also be a good idea to mow the lawn so cleanup is a little easier.

4. Remove Any Satellite Dishes

Satellite is great, but it won’t be so great if your dish gets broken. If you have satellite dishes or antennas on your roof, remove them before the roofers show up. It’s possible they’ll get rid of old appliances for you if you need that service, but if you plan to keep them, make sure they’re safely put somewhere else until the job is finished.

Contact the Professionals

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