energy-efficient windows
energy-efficient windows

Whether you’re having new windows installed in an old home or a new home, choosing the right windows will make all the difference. Energy-efficient upgrades are something that many homeowners are looking into, and for good reason. Find out why you should consider energy-efficient windows for your home.

1. Improved Energy Bills

The first and most obvious benefit of energy-efficient windows is the savings you’ll experience on that first energy bill, and for every other energy bill moving forward. The glass on these windows has a special coating that traps the right temperature inside the home, which means that your hard-earned cash isn’t slipping through the cracks in high energy costs.

2. Beauty

One of the reasons energy-efficient windows are quite popular is because they are beautiful. There are several design options that give you plenty of possibilities when it comes to the style of your home. If you want your windows to open, there are both vertical and horizontal options. Bays and bows, casements, and both single- and double-hung tilt-in windows are also some options. If color is an issue, you don’t have to settle for white unless you want it. Check out our selection for a color that matches the style of your home.

3. Increased Comfort

Not only will energy-efficient windows save costs on energy bills, but keeping the correct temperature inside your home will increase comfort as well. Aside from the fact that these windows keep your HVAC system running correctly, you can turn the system off and open your windows to regulate temperatures as well. With tilt-in windows and sliding windows, you have total control over how much fresh air you allow to flow through your home.

Finding the Right Windows Today

At Badger Contracting, we are committed to helping you find the right windows for your home. Regardless of whether improved energy bills, beauty, or increased comfort are most important, we cater to all three, so you are able to experience the entire package. Call 410-417-6972 or email us today to get started!