After dreary winter days and a busy spring, full of cleaning and enjoying the warm outdoor air, it’s time to think about protecting your home in the summer. Summer storms can bring high winds and rains, which can damage your roof and cause water damage throughout your home. Here are a few tips to prepare your roof to minimize the damage caused by summer storms.

Preventing Leaks

Water damage can cause further destruction throughout your home. From the risk of electrical fire to soggy insulation and moldy drywall, a leaking roof can create lots of problems down the road. Take some time to visually inspect your roof. Any loose shingles, bald patches, or other damage can quickly lead to leakage in the future.

Removing Dangerous Tree Limbs

A dead tree or hanging limb can easily fall from high winds. A fallen tree limb can dislodge shingles or create holes in your roof. Prevent this damage before it happens by keeping your trees trimmed. Ask a local tree service or roofing expert to clear any dangerous tree limbs.

Cleaning Your Gutters

Gutters full of leaves, branches, and other debris can create mold growth. Mold deteriorates shingles and dramatically decreases the lifespan of your roof. Clear your gutters routinely to prevent water pooling and mold growth.

Restoring Your Roof

If it’s too late to prevent water leaking past your roof line, it’s time to quickly restore your roof. Patching, repairing or completely replacing your roof is essential to minimize the water damage in your home.

Prepare Your Roof Today

At Badger Contracting, we understand the importance of quickly and professionally repairing your roof. Whether it’s time to replace your entire roof or you need a quick repair job, contact us by calling 410-417-6972 or sending an email to to schedule our professional roof repair services. Ask our friendly experts about your roof for personalized preparation to prevent summer storm damage.